About Us

Dhirati Education

Dhirati Education is founded by some brilliant and visionary minds (Alumnus of IIM/FMS/IIT)of our country with a composite experience of 80+ years in training students for various management entrance examinations. Everyone in the team is a passionate trainer. So far,more than 10000 of our alumni have passed out from top colleges across globe and working in the best firms like MNCs,PSUs, Banks and Central Government division .We wish to form a society where students can get value for their money and not only a degree. The team has also serviced its expertise to more than 50 degree (Engineering+ MBA) colleges in India and abroad. Dhirati Education is present in Middle East and is catering to test preparation for GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL and SAT.

What makes DHIRATI EDUCATION special?

We deliver advantages that you can use to build a rewarding career.

At DHIRATI, we strongly believe that there is a winner in every student and it just needs to be identified. We strive endlessly to discover this hidden potential of every student and work with heart and soul to enable every student to achieve his/her goal. We make a concerted effort to make a difference to every single student.

At DHIRATI, we prepare students with subject knowledge as well as the skill to apply it in various competitive examinations. To be successful, these components are critical and essential. The academic programs at DHIRATI are rigorous in which we develop problem analyzing and solving skills in students which makes even the most arduous problems easy to solve. We create a space for students to explore their subject knowledge to greater depths. Our faculties stay continuously updated in this ever changing competitive environment and design innovative ways of learning, teaching and testing.

Finally, we help students to objectively evaluate their test results and thus, mirror their preparation level for them to introspect. Moreover, DHIRATI governs a disciplined immaculate system throughout, not only for the students but also for faculty and administrative staff. Each one at DHIRATI is equally important and makes his/her own contribution, to the strong and time tested system of DHIRATI. Once students join DHIRATI, they can be rest assured that they have a secure and hurdle free path to success.

The four strongest Pillars of “Dhirati Education”

Concept Building

Theory based classroom training for concept clearance and topic wise study.

Skill Development

"MORE STUDY MORE DOUBTS". Advance level learning for concept application and doubt clearance.

Student Analytics & Reporting

Application of concept through regular test series for the mental readiness of Exam.

Confidence Building

"SPEED WITH ACCURACY IS SUCCESS" Time Bound efficiency supported by the high level of analytics, to score better in exams.

Our Team

The team behind “Dhirati Education”

We have successfully counseled more than 15,000 students through Career Workshops and Seminars in last 20 years. Our dedication and hard work has helped several students to achieve their dreams. Our up -to-date knowledge about all Career streams, makes us conversant with all types of Careers. Our team has addressed seminars in various Colleges and schools in Mumbai, Pune, Dehradun, Nainital area, Dubai, Sharjah and MP. Our team members have been panelists in numerous academic competitions in schools like Scindia School, GGHS, IPS School etc. We are in research and development of making proper mock tests for various competitive exams with analytics to help the students for getting better scores.

The team behind Dhirati Education has been engaged in providing counseling to Indian students aspiring to get better jobs with better perks. Till date we have helped more than 1500 students from various Indian Schools like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Mumbai, IIT Delhi, NSIT Delhi, DCE Delhi, IIT Roorkee, NIT Surathkal, IIT BHU, NIT Jalanadhar, SGSITS Indore, VIT, LSR New Delhi, IIITM Gwalior, IRIMEE (SCRA) etc. We have always gone an extra mile to help our students get that extra boost and push as a result, the majority of our students get selected in various Government sectors.


To become the best education provider in test preparation industry to fulfill the dreams of every aspirantfor shaping her/his future.


To continuously provide affordable education to every section of society. To be with every aspirant always to help them making right decisions in her/his career paths by following our core values- Honesty, Dedication and Hard Work.